Why You Need a Probate Attorney to Probate a Will in Florida

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Florida Probate Isn't Simple

While many people may believe that probating a Will is as simple as filling out some forms and handing them to the Clerk of the Court, it isn't that easy. In fact, more than likely you will need to hire a Probate Attorney if you wish to Probate a will in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Orlando, Palm Coast, St. Augustine or any other surrounding Central Florida area. That's because courts in Florida are very specific and require all documents to be accurately completed with the necessary legal terminology and other specific requirements in order for a Will to be considered legal and valid. One simple error or omission can invalidate a Will.

Can I Probate A Will Myself?

You may be able to Probate a Will in Florida yourself in the case of disposition without administration. However, this is only valid when the deceased individual left assets of very little value and you are the sole person who paid the final expenses (funeral, costs related to illnesses, etc.). Another case in which a sole individual can probate a Will in Florida is when he is the only interested person claiming the inheritance. It is important to note that there may be other people and/or entities interested in a portion of the Estate without the Claimant’s awareness. For instance, if the deceased person was a debtor of a particular financial institution or bank, the institution would have an evident interest in the Estate. Medicaid which is considered a class 3 creditor may also be entitled to a portion of the estate. Since Probate is not always as simple as it may seem and because unexpected claims on the Estate can arise at any time during the process, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced Probate Attorney, such as Jerry B. Wells, PL.

Is There A Deadline To Start Probate?

Although there is no concrete deadline it is important to start Probate as soon as possible since the process can become more costly and difficult if left unattended for too long. There may be bills that will need to be paid from the Estate and if you delay Probate and bills pile up the Estate may not have enough funds to settle its claims. Also, there are instances where there will be more than one Probate Administration before the current heirs receive any assets from the Estate.

Why Hiring A Probate Lawyer In Central Florida Is The Best Decision

Even in cases where the law doesn't require the hiring of a lawyer to Probate a Will the process and legal requirements in Florida are overwhelming. Also, court clerks by law are unable to dispense any legal advice and cannot guide you in the process. Therefore, to ensure a timely and accurate disposition of an Estate in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Bunnell, Palm Coast, St. Augustine or surrounding Central Florida areas, your best option is to contact an experienced Probate Lawyer like Jerry B. Wells, PL.

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